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Questions to Ask a Commercial Cleaning Company

What essential questions do you need to ask a Calgary commercial cleaning company so that you can get the results you want and your office is left looking fresh? We’re going to look at the five essential questions that you need to ask to ensure you hire the right company.

1: Who Will Handle the Cleaning Account?

You should ensure that the person you have interviewed will handle the account. If they don’t, ask to speak with the commercial cleaning professional assigned to clean your office and ensure the job is in good hands.

2: What are Your Rates for Commercial Cleaning Services?

Some cleaning companies have different rates based on the work that is required. Be sure to ask the Calgary cleaners what they charge and whether it is an hourly fee or a flat rate. In addition, ask the Calgary commercial cleaning company why they charge what they do and what they include in the cost. You can then form a better picture of the pricing.

3: Do You Perform Background Checks on your Cleaners?

Many businesses carry sensitive information on computers and in confidential files, making it important that the Calgary cleaners you have hired demonstrate integrity. The risk of information compromise or theft decreases if the cleaning company you hire performs background checks on their employees.

4: Do You Have Insurance for your Cleaning Services?

Cleaning companies Calgary that don’t use insurance become a considerable risk to your business. You might pay less if a company doesn’t have insurance, but if the Calgary cleaners steal something of value from your office, are injured on the job, or they cause damages, you want to know that you’re covered.

5: Do You Bring Your Own Commercial Cleaning Supplies?

While some cleaning services don’t charge much upfront, they also don’t bring their own supplies. Purchasing commercial cleaning materials can be a burdensome cost and may throw a wrench in your budget plans.  

These five questions should inform your decision of which Calgary cleaning company to hire. Asking questions can save you a lot of heartache and trouble later on.

At LimFresh we are proud to provide our services in the Calgary, AB area and have our customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We like to come in and have people walk into an environment that is clean and sanitary with the use of 100% eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or need our cleaning services! Contact us at 403-477-3009.

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