What to Look For in Cleaning Companies

Let’s say that you don’t like to clean the home, but you still want it to look good. You can hire cleaning services to keep the home looking nice. With a residential cleaning company, the floors will sparkle, and the rooms will be better organized. They will leave your home looking fresh and inviting for you and any guests that you might have over. Here’s how to pick the best company.


When you sit across from your potential cleaning company in Calgary, you should ask them for references. You might look at written recommendations, or you could ask for phone numbers to call up past customers to learn about the quality of cleaning services offered in the past.

Experience and Training

Before you ever utter the words, “You’re hired!” You should first ask how the cleaning company in Calgary trains its staff. What process do they go through to learn how to clean better? In addition, who trains the staff when they first get hired?

Ask for Certifications

Certifications go a long way in building credibility with a customer. You should look for the CIVIS Certification, which is also known as Cleaning Industry Management Standard. After you have requested to see the certification, you will also want to see that the residential cleaning company remains compliant with OSHA standards. This means that they follow the standards and procedures correctly.

Who Manages Your Account

Instead of simply agreeing to cleaning lady services from someone that you have never even seen, you should first request to meet the person who manages your account. Meeting the individual in person can give you a lot of valuable information on if you can trust them to clean your home.

When a cleaning lady is needed, you shouldn’t rush the decision. You should take your time and look at the facts of the company. Hiring the right cleaning company in Calgary will make a huge difference for you over the long term.

At LimFresh we are proud to provide our services in the Calgary, AB area and have our customer satisfaction as our number one priority. We like to come in and have people walk into an environment that is clean and sanitary with the use of 100% eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or need our cleaning services! Contact us at 403-477-3009.

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